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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Actually last night i ask Pakcik Musa t0 rent his car...and he said yes..
but today..suddently in 11am he said that another student that has rent his car want to rent in half day...so i cannot say anything..

Then i trying to find another rent car from another owner like....pakcik zaidi, abg taz n finally i got car from pakcik Salikin...
he said ok...
and finnally i can go to that factory..horray..

Pipah said that her friend want to follow us..and i said ok..
We go out arount 12.30 pm...i said 2 her.."how about we go eat first"
then she said where we wanna go to have our lunch???...
i say any place i dont care..she also said she dont know..
then i decided how about we go JAYBE restaurant..then she said..ok

We araive at JAYBE restaurant around 1pm...
I order ice lemon tea n have rice with ayam masak merah n 5 slice of Japanese Taufu..
Pipah n her friend have the order meal such as nasi goreng kampung, kue tiaw kantonese n Lontong...
i think i have a good lunch today..it delicious n the price is quite ok..
i have to pay RM 6.10 ...that is quite cheap price in Sarawak..
why do i say that coz actually it dificult to find semenanjung food with lower price in sarawak....

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