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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sometimes we dont realize..

1. While you're eating Maggi and drinking Coke,
have you ever realized that every little cents you
spend on these stuffs are used to kill little kids in

2. While you busy searching info via Google and
text messaging friends with NOKIA handphone,
have you ever thought that these technologies are
from the same people who killed the lives of

3. While you enjoying your McDonald meal and
thinking of buying Danone's cookies, have you ever
thought that these foods are not even tasted by the
kids in Palestin who are now suffering from war?

4. Maybe this does not bother you but let's put our
position in theirs. What if Malaysia is Palestin,
bombed and attacked in every cities?

5. Television around the world are reporting on every
single news in Malaysia but you are not even able to
watch CNN or BBC to know what is going around
since you are running to save your lives.

6. Countries debating whether to support or stop the
war and you can't even bother to know what they
think about because you only hope that they can
save you.

7. You can only see blood and dead bodies, destroyed
buildings, and jets flying around. Your suffer is
being posted in YouTube and being celebrated as a
'VICTORY DAY' by them.

8. If boycotting RM1.50 Coke is difficult, let's try a
minute of bombing session. Experience the feeling
of breathing chemical air, when science which
creates these chemical bombs use safety gadgets
while inventing them.

9. Even Mumbai attack was a disaster and
unforgettable moment for its people. Now, this is a
'ONE-WAY' war.

10. It's not the matter where it happens, who they are,
why we should boycott. It's the matter of
HUMANITY. If living is for war, then let's not

'WAR is not the right word to describe POWER.

and a DEAD-END to a solution.

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